At RetailRecovery, we have developed our proprietary audit framework, RetailEvaluator. Understand how ready you are for the new retail climate with a completely free evaluation. Get in touch below.

Working with retail clients for the last 25 years means we know the true meaning of ‘best practice’. Our views are based on rigorous test and learn methodology and results, not founded on the recommendations of 3rd parties such as Google. This enables us to produce an impartial ranking for you across key business areas.

Retail Strategy Scorecard
Our executive summary snapshot from RetailEvaluator

We give you a score across each business area based on potential commercial impact. We advise on priority recommendations considering several factors including ease of implementation and impact time-frame, to give you a practical solution to how to invest your time and budget.

Given the current climate we have developed a unique, market leading framework to support with any Covid-19 related challenges. Our framework won’t tell you how you’ve been impacted (We’re sure you know that yourself) but rather gauges how ready you are to adjust to the retail landscape post-the current pandemic.

We will give you a simple, honest appraisal of your business from Operational, Marketing through to Fulfilment and grade your business across each of our 70+ scoring criteria. We’ll be able to identify where you should be spending your time and budget TODAY to hit the ground running TOMORROW.

  • Are you engaging your customers in the right way across social channels and on-site to immediately scale sales as lockdown ends?
  •  Is your current marketing investment fixing short-term cashflow issues but not considering the long-term impact and customer purchase journey?
  • How do you update your site in the short-term to create a better user experience for customers in future as demand changes?

If you think retail has been competitive in the past, your competitors will be fighting for market share more aggressively than ever as restrictions are lifted.

Make sure you are setup for success with RetailRecovery. Identify your areas of opportunity and gain a competitive advantage. Get in touch today.